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Q: What services do you provide:

A: At residential properties we focus on one time jobs and prefer not to do "regular" / weekly maintenance at them.  We do "regular" maintenance at other property types such as commercial and industrial properties.  

Q: What and how many plants should be installed?  

A: It depends on a few things including budget, the look you want and what your HOA requires if any.  There are a number of local resources that home owners can visit to get ideas for plant materials including nurseries, the Springs Preserve, the UNR cooperative extension and even the plant search tool on the Southern Nevada water authorities website.   If you see plants, rock, or other landscaping items that you like take photos and email them to us along with your property address to

Q: What color and how much rock should you install? 

A: Many rock yards will allow you to take samples of rock home.  If you do this we suggest bagging it and labeling each sample.  Once you get them to the property, put them out, wash them off and let them dry off.  This may help you visualize how the rock looks against the house.  The size of rock and average thickness of the layer of rock will determine how many tons you will need to cover your yard.  The average thickness will also affect how many tons are purchased and then installed which affect prices.  Some of the photos on our website show properties that use different color or size rock for visual interest and to break up areas.  Click here for some ideas about the color and size of rocks that can be installed.

Q: Don't you buy plants, rock, etc. less expensive than the general public?

A: Sometimes.  We do not think it is as much as many people think.  Many times if we choose to get a discount on plants that means they do not come with a warranty from the nursery.  We generally do not have an issue if our customers buy the plants directly from the nursery if they want the warranty and receipt in their name.  

Q: How quickly can you get a job completed?
A: It will depend on the type and amount of work you need done and if your property is within an HOA and what their involvement is.  We will not sacrifice quality for speed and because of this we schedule jobs to allow for the work to get done properly. Sometimes we can schedule work more quickly than other times.  If you need SNWA approval we will work with you to schedule our work once they give you the ok.

Q: Do you do weekly / regular maintenance of residential properties landscapes?

A: Generally no.  At residential properties we like to focus on one time jobs like installations, grass conversions, initial clean ups, and irrigation emergencies.

Q: Why is hiring a company with a contractors license important?
A: There is a big difference for homeowners between hiring a company that just has a business license and one that is a licensed contractor.  The State of Nevada also requires companies to have their contractors license for jobs over $1,000.  You can read more on the Nevada Contractors Board website by clicking here.  

Q: Do you install patios?

A:   We have a C-10 contractors license.  Per the law we may install nonload-bearing walkways using brick or stone not exceeding 200 square feet in area, patio areas using brick or stone not exceeding 400 square feet in area... 

Q: How much rock do I need?
A: The size of the rock and average thickness of the layer of rock dictates how much rock you will need.  To calculate square footage, measure the length and width of your yard, then multiply the two figures.  Since the size of rocks vary we tend to round up to make sure we have enough rock to cover the area we want at the thickness we want.  There are different size rocks that most rock yards sell in the Vegas market.  We tend to use averages provided by different rock yards to figure out how many tons are needed.  Generally the larger the rock the less square feet each ton covers.  .

Q: How much does rock cost?  
A: There are a number of factors including where you purchase it, how much you buy, color, size and delivery fees dictate the price.  We charge for labor to move rock from the delivery point to where it is being installed.  The size of the rock can affect instillation time.  Chunky rock can take more time to shovel into a wheel barrow than smaller rock.

Q: What are my size and color choices for rock?  

A: There are a lot of choices and different rock yards have different colors..  Many rock yards will let customers take samples home if you ask.  If you do this we suggest taking shopping or ziplock type bags, paper and a pen to the rock yard.   Put the samples in a bag and label it.  Many customers find it helpful to take the rock home, put it on the ground next to your house, wash it off, let it dry.  Then you can see which color or colors you like.  

Q: Can I have more than one color or size rock installed?
A: Yes.  Some time the two colors can be put on the same delivery truck to save on delivery fees.  

Q: How much do plants cost?
A: When we purchase plants from the nursery we pay different amounts depending on their type and size.  The instillation cost depends on a few factors including how large the hole needs to be to plant the plant.  Generally, the larger the hole the longer it takes to dig and in turn the more it costs.    

Q: What about grass?
A: There are a few options including seed, sod and synthetic.  Seed will generally not germinate above and below certain temperatures but is usually less expensive to install than sod.  Both have similar reoccuring items that need to be done like mowing, fertilization, water usage, etc.   Some people like the idea of the lower maintenance synthetic grass even though it has a higher upfront cost.   


Q: What are my choices for irrigation?  
A: There are a few different ways to deliver water to plants.  From using a hose to an automatic system.  Many times the cost of an irrigation system is not the cost of the parts.  It is the cost of labor to install the system. Generally speaking the deeper the trench is for the lines the more time it will take to do the work and increase the cost. If you choose to have a system installed we suggest keeping an eye on it as over time it may need maintenance and repairs.  

 Q: Can you install a concrete patio or a retaining wall?

A:  In short no.  It is not because we do not want to but we do not have the correct license.   Nevada Administrative Code says the following: NAC 624.280 Classification C-10: Landscape contracting. (NRS 624.100, 624.220)

... 3. In conjunction with the work specified in subsection 2, a person who holds a classification C-10 license may install nonload-bearing walkways using brick or stone not exceeding 200 square feet in area, patio areas using brick or stone not exceeding 400 square feet in area, landscape retaining walls to a height not exceeding 3 feet and landscape lighting not exceeding 24 volts. (Added to NAC by Contractors’ Bd., eff. 8-26-83; A 9-13-91; 5-20-92; R209-03, 11-17-2005)    Click here for a link to the website this came from.  


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