From HOA compliance to over the top landscape installation.

It is your landscaping

On Time Landscaping’s staff can help choose plants if you give us input on what you want the outcome to look like and what your budget is. Some people want to plant just enough to make an HOA happy, others want a lot of shade, while others want tons of flowers. The outcome is dictated by our customers imagination and budget. 


Keep the anticipated mature size of the plants in mind because that combined with where they get planted will affect reoccurring maintenance levels and costs.  A plant that matures to about 6 feet wide that is planted in a 3-foot-wide area will probably need more time or money to keep it artificially small than if it was planted in a spot large enough to let it grow to its mature size.

If you ask three landscapers what they think should get installed you will probably get three different answers. The more you are able to share with landscapers the more easily and quickly meetings should go. 

If you look at any of the places below keep in mind that not all plants there are available to purchase locally. 

Some places to look for ideas.

The Springs Preserve


 The Gardens at the Springs Preserve, is an 8-acre desert botanical garden located at 333 S. Valley View Blvd.  Las Vegas, NV where many of the plants are labeled with their name.  

SNWA plant search tool


Search for plants based on a number of characteristics including flower color, water usage, and sun exposure.  Not all plants on this website are available to purchase locally.  

Click here 

Plant nursery


Keep in mind that most plants at nurseries will grow larger.  If you see a small plant that you like ask staff if they have larger versions of it so you can have an idea what it might look like when it matures.  You will notice that generally the smaller the plant the less expensive it is.  On Time Landscapings staff helps customers try and balance price and immediate gratification.

When you are out and about.


If you see plants that you like when you are out and about  

  • and have the opportunity to safely ask the property owner what it is you might do that or
  •  take a photo and ask On Time Landscapings staff or another professional what it is.