From HOA compliance to over the top landscape installation.

Landscaping contractor since 2008.

On Time Landscaping has been a licensed, bonded and insured landscaping contractor since early 2008. We have the right team in place with the right skills to complete each job to our customers desires, on budget and On Time. Sometimes we can provide same day service. 

Services we offer include:

Irrigation - New and repairs

PVB / Backflow - Installation and replacement

One time clean ups 

HOA compliance

Grass conversions

New installations 

How quickly can you provide service? Some times the same day.  Sending us photos can usually help us to provide quicker and less expensive service as we can try and bring the correct parts on the first trip. The less time we spend going back and forth to the store saves us time and money. 



Many irrigation systems can be turned on and off at a PVB / backflow like the one to the left.  In this case when the blue handles are going in the same direction as the pipe they are on it is turned on.  When they go in the opposite direction of the pipe they are on it is off.  Each PVB is different and never force a handle.

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