From HOA compliance to over the top landscape installation.

Discovery & Design


 The discovery process allows us to understand what our clients want in / out of their landscaping.  

On Time Landscaping is unique


On Time Landscaping is uniquie in that we do not preform landscape maintenance at residential properties so we have zero incentive to plant plants that need to be hedge trimmed so we can charge additional and reoccurring fees to our clients. 

Many of our "go to" plants will require some care but hopefully not as much as other companies’ which should save our clients money. 

HOA paperwork


If your property is in an HOA:

 1. Please find out if they have requirements for your new landscaping and share them with us.

2.  If need help with HOA paperwork let us know as we may be able to help you.  

3.  Sometimes we need to wait to start work until you get the HOAs OK.  The same usually goes for the SNWA if you are going to use their rebate program.

Our email address is

What should be installed?


1. If you have ideas about how you want to use your new landscaping and specific items that you want to include make sure to let us know.   

2. If you need help figuring out what you want installed we can usually  help.  Click here for some insight.


 If we know what your budget is, along with your requirements, we can work out the best solution for you. There is little point in us working out a solution aimed at a $15,000 budget if you only have $5,000 available.  As a customer, you want to get the best price possible, and so you should.  We understand why you would want to keep your budgetary cards close to your chest, however it doesn’t always work in your favor.  By not giving a defined budget you will probably end up with a cross section of quotes from the companies submitting proposals as each one suggests a different solution. It’s simple economics really; each company involved is likely to charge similar amounts for similar things as we are likely to have a similar hourly rate and similar overheads. By defining your budget, you are more likely to get similar proposals and suggestions for the work required, meaning you can concentrate on establishing which is the best solution for you, not just the cheapest one. How thick a layer of rock, how many plants, how large are the plants when they get installed are all items that the customers budget dictates.  

Proposal / Contract

Our proposal will specify things like the size and number of plants that get installed and the average thickness of the decorative rock.  By letting us know your budget we can incorporate as much as possible into the propoasal and make adjustments to the size of plants or the amount of rock to try and fit your budget.  

Once you review the propoal let us know your thoughts on it so we can do our best to make the changes if needed.  Once you accept our propoal we begin to order supplies and schedule the work.  

Build and review

 Going from ideas to implementation, the build phase involves ordering and organizing materials, preparing your yard, and doing the work. Many times, we take photos during the process and share them with customers via email so they can watch the progress if they are not at the property. Our staff constantly cleans up after themselves to minimize trip and fall hazards and to try to keep neighbors happy.  When we complete the work, we perform a final walk-through and button up any loose ends. We will take after photos and share information specific to your project and email you an invoice. 

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We install landscaping for a living and we do our best to make the new landscaping process go as smootly and easily as possible for our customers so they do not have to worry about it or get their hands dirty.