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Visiting a rock yard

Like plants, rock is a personal choice.  There are different colors and sizes.  Some are similar colors but have slight differences.  

It is nearly impossible for landscapers to carry samples of all of the different colored and size rock that is available.  Some might have small samples with them but getting an idea of which one a customer will like is difficult.  

Many times rock yards will allow people to vist them and if they ask take samples.  Maybe bring zip lock or shopping bags, pen and paper so you know which is which later.  When you get the rock to your property we suggest that you put it out, wash it off and let it dry since it is probably dusty.  Once you do that you might get an idea of which color or colors you like and which size.  Remember that your property does not need to install one color or size rock.  

Give customers a reason to do business with you.