On Time Landscaping has

A contractors license...

  •  Is required "if a job is $1,000 or more"   Source.  

  • Is required to install rock, plant trees, shrubs and other vegitation and to lay sod.  (Source)  and 

  • Means that under certain conditions if a property owner is harmed by failure of a properly licensed contractor to properly perform qualified services the property owner may be elidigible for The Residential Recovery Fund.  It offers protection for Nevada homeowners who contract with properly licensed contractors and, under The Residential Recovery Fund may cover up to $35,000 in damages.  Source 


  •  A contract with an unclicensed contractor is not valid.  If a person submits a bid or enters into a contract in violation of NRS 624.700(1), the bid or contract shall be deemed “void ab initio”. (source).   

  • "...Unlicensed (Improperly) contracting activity is illegal in Nevada and penalties can escalate from a misdemeanor, to a gross misdemeanor and to a Class E felony.  Source  

 You can check who is licensed by contacting the Nevada Contractors Board. 

  • Ask if a company has Workers’ compensation insurance.  It is required by law and covers medical expenses for employees who become injured on the job (source).  

Spraying for weeds requires a c6 license from the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

  • On Time Landscaping has this license

  • Advertising pest control or soliciting for pesticide applications (includes bidding for maintenance contracts that involve pesticide applications) Source.

  • Using powered equipment to apply pesticides. Backpacks only carry so much chemical so are not a time effective way to apply herbicides in larger areas Source.

If someone is violation of the laws they can be fined per NRS 555.530.

To check if someone / a company is licensed to contact them.  When checking with them ask who specifically at a company is licensed.  Nevada Department of Agriculture.

On Time Landscaping also has these licenses:

  • State of Nevada - Business license
  • Clark County - Business license
  • City of Las Vegas - Business license
  • City of North Las Vegas - Business license
  • City of Henderson - Business license
  • State of Nevada - Nursery stock dealer
  • State of Nevada Department of Agriculture C6 license to be able to advertise and spray for weeds.

On Time Landscaping 

  • Is bonded 
  • Carries insurance.  

Telephone: 702-348-8399 

Email: info@welandscapevegas.com