From HOA compliance to over the top landscape installation.

LAS VEGAS LANDSCAPING by on Time Landscaping



Since 2008 On Time Landscaping has been working with our customers to install landscaping within their budget.   Some landscapes that we install meet HOAs minimum requirements and some are more unique.  Our experienced staff is there through out the process to make our customers life easy.  We do our job so you can focus on your life. 

Let’s face it, just about anyone can install a landscape but do they really want to take the time to do the work themselves? With over a decade in business On Time Landscaping has a team that can do the work for you.  Our motivated staff is experienced and knowledgeable and care about doing the work the right way the first time, within budget and On Time.


What we do.

New backyard landscaping


 We can help with the design, the HOA paperwork and the heavy lifting to install the landscaping so you do not have to.  From low maintenance and desert type plants to open spaces or an area to attract wildlife to real or synthetic grass we can help.  If you need help choosing what gets installed in your yard click here.  

Grass conversion


 100% of the grass conversion projects that we have performed that applied for the SNWA rebate program were approved by the SNWA the first time.  We are a SNWA Water Smart Contractor.  To read more about converting your grass click here.

Here's what you can expect from On Time Landscaping:

  • We take the time to talk with our customers to find out what they want from their new landscaping and what budget they want to stay within.  
  • A trusted and experienced partner to make the  landscaping process go as smoothly as possible and do the heavy lifting.
  • We clean off our customers sidewalk, driveway and property throughout the day and before we leave at the end of each day. 
  • If your job takes more than one day to complete we leave a hand written note at the end of each day.  
  • Knowing that we are a licensed contractor.  What does that mean to our customers?  Click here
  • Why is knowing the customers budget important to us?  Click here

Why should you hire a properly licensed contractor?

We want to dust off our hands at the end of the day and have something to show for it.

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