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Landscaping made easy.​

We do the heavy lifting so you do not have to. 

​From HOA compliance to over the top.​ 

Since early 2008 On Time Landscaping has been guided by the philosophy “Promises Kept”. We do our best to do the work with a smile, always within budget and On Time.

Our instillation jobs have varied from meeting an HOAs minimum requirements to elaborate.  The key is that we have the skill and know how to complete most landscaping jobs.  We understand that choosing what landscaping to install and who to hire can be daunting.  We want to take the stress out of it for you.  

How much do we charge?  It depends on items including the amount of prep work, how much and how difficult the digging/trenching is, how many plants we are installing and how big the pots are that they come in, and how much and the color of the rock are all factors.  If you know what you want installed please email us a list so we can come better prepared to meet with you to discuss it.

What and how many plants should be installed?  It depends on a few things including budget.  Generally speaking the larger the plant is when it is purchased the more expensive it is to purchase and install.  Ongoing maintenance can be a consideration so placement is a factor.  There are a number of local resources that home owners can visit to get ideas including nurseries, the Springs Preserve, the UNR cooperative extension and even the plant search tool on the water authorities website.  Click here to visit it.   We can generally put together proposals more quickly and less painfully if you give us an idea of budget and knowing about some plants.  

What and how much rock should you install?  Generally speaking the smaller the rock the more square feet each ton covers so you will need fewer tons.  We have found that the thicker the average layer of rock is minimizes weed growth.  Many rock yards will allow you to take samples of rock.  It might help you choose what size and color rock you want.  If you visit a rock yard you will see that there are differences in price between the colors and sizes and that will affect your total price.

DIY If you like the idea of picking out and buying your own plants, rock, etc but digging holes, moving wheelbarrows full of rock or even connecting / putting irrigation together are things you do not want to do we might be able to provide the labor and know how.  Email us to start the conversation about that.

There is a difference between having just a business license and also being a contractor.  We have both.  Click here to read what this means for homeowners.



Telephone: 702-348-8399

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