From HOA compliance to over the top landscape installation.

It is your landscape. Enjoy it.

Since 2008 On Time Landscaping has been working with customers to preform landscaping work within their budget and On Time.   We do our job so you can focus on your life. 

  • At commercial, industrial and office type properties we provide a wide array of landscaping services including "regular" maintenance.  Click here.

  • At residential properties we focus on one time jobs like the ones below.   


Landscaping we do at residential properties.

Install new


 We can help with the design, the HOA paperwork and the heavy lifting to install the landscaping so you do not have to.  

  • If you need help choosing what gets installed in your yard click here.

Grass conversions


 100% of the grass conversion projects that we have performed that applied for the SNWA rebate program were approved by the SNWA the first time.  We are a SNWA Water Smart Contractor.  To read more about converting your grass click here.

One time jobs

One time jobs

• Irrigation - New and repairs

• One time clean ups 

• HOA compliance

• Grass conversions

• New installations

•  PVB / Backflow replacement.


Your budget

Your budget will affect how many plants, how much rock, etc. get installed in your landscape.  We can adjust items to stay within your budget which include: 

  • The average thickness of the rock that gets installed.  What color and size should be installed?  Click here.
  • How many plants?  Need come ideas?  Click here.
  • How large the plants when they get installed.

We ask that you share your budget with us at the begining of the process so we present a proposal to you that works within your budgert.  There is little point in us putting together a $25,000 proposal if you have a $5,000 budget or vice versa.    

What we do not do.

On Time Landscaping is unique in that we do not preform landscape maintenance at residential properties so we have zero incentive to plant plants that need to be hedge trimmed so we can charge additional and reoccurring fees to our clients month after month to keep bushes looking a certian way.  

Proper licenses Protect homeowners.

There is a big difference to property owners between hiring a company with only business licenses and hiring one that is also a contractor.  On Time Landscaping is a licensed, bonded and insured contractor.   Click here to read some of the reasons why you should only consider hiring a properly licensed contractor to install your landscaping. 

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