From HOA compliant to over the top landscape installation.




We hope that you consider us to move the rock, plant the plants and install your irrigation.

Whether you need a new landscape installed in your back yard or you want to convert your grass landscaping to desert landscaping our staff is ready to help.  We work with our customers to understand their needs, wants and budgets to install landscapes that fit them.  Some will meet an HOAs or SNWAs minimum requirements and some will more extensive.  The key is that we are here to help and have over a decade of experience moving rock, planting plants, installing irrigation and more.   


Founded in 2008, On Time Landscaping has been providing landscaping services as a licensed, bonded and insured landscaping contractor. 100% of the grass conversion projects that we have performed that applied for the SNWA rebate program were approved by the SNWA the first time. Click here to read about that program.  

We want to dust off our hands at the end of the day and have something to show for it.

Things we do.

Photo renderings can help some people visualize their new landscaping and some HOAs require them. We have the ability to create photo renderings.   100% of our staff speaks English and utilizes the capability of their smart phones.  They utilize them to communicate with non field staff and sometimes customers if there are questions, concerns or updates through out the project. Using smart phones allows us to bridge the gap between our staff in the field and the office-based staff.  Click here for some examples of status photos that we shared with each of the respective customers.

Your budget and our proposal.

There are a few components that make up our proposals and we need the involvement of our customers to help direct us so we can put together the personalized proposal for their landscaping job. Vital elements include:

1. Trying to install the items the customer wants, they may be HOA or SNWA required or they have specific types of plants and rock they want. If you know these items please share them with us. If you need some help we may be able to help you with that. We and have put together a starting point for some people on our website which can be reached by clicking here. 

2. Budget – We have found that many times people hire a landscaper to install their landscaping because they do not want to do the work themselves. Some people will go to a plant nursery or rock yard to get ideas of what they want in their landscaping and while there get an idea of how much items cost.  "Contractor pricing" is often times the same as sale prices at these stores if we get a discount at all.  What our customers are paying for is our knowledge and skilled labor to dig the holes, install the irrigation and in many cases move the tons of rock.  To keep our proposal within your budget we can adjust items like the average thickness of decorative rock and the number and size of the plants that are installed. Keep in mind that many times more rock and plants can be added at a later time.  What is your ball park budget for this project?

Why should homeowners hire a properly licensed company?

 Many landscapers say they have a license but it is not necessarly the correct license.  Hiring a properly licensed landscaping contractor can afford property owners a lot of piece of mind and may save them money.  Two of the reasons why we think homeowners should hire properly licensed contactors are.  

  • "...a licensed contractor has met experience and examination requirements and must fulfill certain conditions in order to maintain the license. A licensed contractor must have Worker’s Compensation insurance, a bond and have established financial responsibility. " Source  
  •  The Residential Recovery Fund... offer(s) protection for Nevada homeowners who contract with licensed contractors and, under certain conditions, are harmed by failure of that contractor to properly perform qualified services.  The Residential Recovery Fund may cover up to $35,000 in damages.  Source

If you want more reasons why to hire a properly licensed contractor click here

On Time Landscaping holds a C-10 contractors license in addition to a number of other licenses.Telephone: 702-348-8399Email: